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US Tech Companies Continue to Provide Platform for Racist Conspiracies from Far-Right Indian News Site

The Battle Against Disinformation: Inside the World of OpIndia and Government Advertising Relations

Controversial News Website OpIndia Faces Backlash for Promoting Disinformation and Hate Speech

The online news platform OpIndia has come under fire for its promotion of disinformation and hate speech, with critics accusing the site of amplifying false claims and targeting journalists and critics. In a recent interview with WIRED, activist Naik highlighted the danger of spreading misinformation and how it can be used to discredit individuals.

When questioned about hate speech and disinformation on the site, OpIndia founder Sharma dismissed the concerns, stating that the critics are mostly from certain groups and that she does not care about them. Despite this, the website has faced criticism from activists and advocacy groups for its harmful content, leading to some advertisers pulling their ads from the site.

Google has stated that OpIndia’s content does not violate its policies, but researchers have noted that ads from well-known companies can still be found alongside controversial articles on the site. Facebook also allows the site to earn money from ads once certain criteria are met, further fueling concerns about the spread of harmful content.

It has been revealed that OpIndia receives funding from the government, similar to many mainstream media outlets in India. This reliance on government ads has raised questions about the site’s impartiality and credibility, with some critics calling for transparency in the funding sources of news organizations.

Despite the backlash, Sharma remains defiant, stating that government advertising is common in the media industry and is essential for survival in a competitive market. With concerns about the spread of disinformation and hate speech on the rise, the role of platforms like OpIndia in shaping public discourse is being closely scrutinized.

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