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Netherlands prohibits adoption from foreign countries, announces new ban

Netherlands to Stop International Adoptions: Minister Weerwind Announces Major Policy Change

The Netherlands to Stop International Adoption to Protect Children’s Interests

In a groundbreaking decision, the Netherlands has announced that it will no longer allow its citizens to adopt children internationally. The Minister for Legal Protection, Franc Weerwind, made the announcement on Tuesday in response to a motion passed by the Dutch House of Representatives calling for a careful reduction of international adoptions.

The motion was passed for a variety of reasons, including concerns about the potential for abuse within the international adoption system. A report from the Joustra Committee in 2021 revealed several malpractices and concluded that the government had failed to effectively combat adoption abuse. Additionally, the government believes that international adoption is no longer a sustainable solution for protecting the interests of children, who are best served when they can be safely cared for in their country of origin.

The decision to end international adoptions in the Netherlands comes after years of debate and discussion on the topic. One of the key issues raised has been the lack of transparency and the potential for adopted children to be denied access to their origins and identity due to falsified documents and incorrect information. Reports of abuses, such as parents being forced to give up their children and child trafficking, have also fueled the push to end international adoptions.

Practically, the decision means that Fiom, the Dutch organization responsible for arranging international and domestic adoptions, will no longer accept new registrations for international adoption. However, procedures that have already begun will be allowed to continue for the time being. Minister Weerwind plans to unveil a plan in September to gradually phase out international adoption, ensuring clarity for ongoing adoption procedures while also working to change the laws surrounding international adoption in the country.

The Netherlands’ decision to end international adoptions reflects a growing trend towards prioritizing the best interests of children and protecting them from potential abuses within the adoption system. This move is expected to have a significant impact on the future of adoption in the Netherlands and may serve as a model for other countries grappling with similar issues.

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