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Russia’s new jamming technology renders US-supplied Himars useless

Russian Electronic Jamming Renders US Rocket Launchers Ineffective in Ukraine

In a dramatic turn of events, Himars rocket launchers supplied to Ukraine by the US have been rendered “completely ineffective” due to Russian electronic jamming systems. These launchers, capable of firing US-made rockets up to 50 miles at Russian targets, have fallen victim to Vladimir Putin’s forces’ electronic warfare strategy.

A confidential Ukrainian weapons assessment obtained by the Washington Post revealed that Ukraine has been forced to halt the use of many Western-supplied arms due to targeting issues. This includes the Excalibur GPS-guided artillery shells, which can no longer reliably fire at targets.

The Russian jamming system operates from the ground, projecting interference into the sky that disrupts communication with satellites, crippling the ability of weapons to hit their designated targets. The assessment noted the Himars system, once praised for its precision and effectiveness, is now deemed completely ineffective by a Ukrainian military source.

Efforts are underway by the Pentagon and weapons manufacturers to find a solution that would allow these systems to evade Russian jamming. Meanwhile, other systems like the Storm Shadow missile and Army Tactical Missile System are less susceptible to such interference.

This development comes on the heels of Russia successfully disrupting the Starlink satellite network relied upon by Ukrainian troops for internet connectivity. Ukrainian forces have faced outages on the front line as Moscow intensifies its electronic warfare operations.

Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s digital minister, revealed that despite previously resisting Russian jamming, the Starlink network is now facing more sophisticated electronic interference. He highlighted Putin’s forces’ use of powerful electronic weapons to disrupt the quality of Starlink connections.

As tensions escalate and electronic warfare becomes a key battleground, the US and its allies continue to work closely with Ukraine to address technical challenges and enhance equipment capabilities. The need for innovative solutions to counter Russian electronic warfare tactics remains paramount in the ongoing conflict.

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