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Cast of ‘A Different World’ reunites as Historically Black Colleges and Universities experience record admissions surge

Interest in Historically Black Colleges and Universities Surging: How “A Different World” Cast is Reigniting Enthusiasm for HBCUs

Interest in historically Black colleges and universities is on the rise, with Howard University, a top HBCU, receiving a record 37,000 applications for its freshman class. This surge in interest is reminiscent of a previous spike in HBCU enrollment in the 1980s and early ’90s, coinciding with the popular college-set sitcom “A Different World.”

The show, which aired from 1987 to 1993 on NBC, featured a majority-Black cast and addressed a variety of social and political issues facing young African Americans at the time. Now, 35 years after its premiere, the cast is reuniting for a nationwide tour of HBCUs to celebrate the show’s lasting legacy.

As interest in HBCUs grows, concerns about racial strife, affirmative action in college admissions, and attacks on diversity and inclusion programs persist. Students continue to push for change, much like the characters on “A Different World” did in the ’80s and ’90s.

President Joe Biden recently announced $16 billion in new investments for historically Black colleges and universities, emphasizing the importance of education in achieving freedom. However, some students at Morehouse College’s commencement ceremony protested the country’s foreign policy, highlighting ongoing social and political issues.

Despite the challenges, the cast of “A Different World” remains committed to raising awareness about HBCUs and empowering young Black Americans. Their reunion tour aims to inspire a new generation of students and remind them of their collective power in advocating for change.

In a time of uncertainty and division, the message from the cast is clear: keep talking, keep educating yourself, and use your voice to create a better future. As Dawnn Lewis, who played Jaleesa on the show, said, “You need to vote. You need to read. What’s happening in the world today is an all-out assault on the truth of history, on the rights that we have fought and earned. So you’ve got to know who is who and if for no other reason, vote for the future.”

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