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North Korea Plans to Increase Nuclear Deterrence Following US ‘Subcritical’ Test: Report – Latest Updates May 20, 2024

Latest News Updates from India and Around the World: May 20, 2024

The Latest News on May 20, 2024: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is making headlines as reports indicate that North Korea is planning to boost its nuclear deterrence following a recent ‘subcritical’ test conducted by the US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration.

The US conducted the subcritical experiment at its Nevada test site, sparking concerns and tensions in the region. This move by North Korea to enhance its nuclear capabilities comes at a time of heightened geopolitical tensions and uncertainty in the global arena.

As the situation continues to unfold, world leaders are closely monitoring the developments and assessing the potential implications of North Korea’s decision to strengthen its nuclear deterrence. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving story.

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