Monday, June 24, 2024

Critics slam US bans on lab-grown meat as misguided culture war move

US Republican Efforts to Ban Lab-Grown Meat Risk Giving Asia a Competitive Advantage, Says Australian Start-Up

The decision by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to criminalize the manufacturing and selling of lab-grown meat has sparked controversy and concern among industry experts. Australian start-up Vow CEO George Peppou has criticized the move, calling it a political stunt that could backfire on the US.

Peppou warned that banning lab-grown meat could give Asia a competitive advantage in the same way that the US lost its advantage in the semiconductor industry. He emphasized that the market should be allowed to decide the fate of lab-grown meat, which has the potential to meet growing demand for protein while reducing environmental impact.

Despite the ban in Florida and other states, companies like Vow, Eat Just, and Upside Foods have been successful in selling lab-grown meat products. Peppou highlighted the importance of embracing new technologies and industries to maintain US competitiveness on a global scale.

As Asian countries like Singapore and China incorporate lab-grown meat into their food security strategies, the US risks falling behind in this emerging market. Peppou expressed concerns that the US could miss out on the economic and environmental benefits of lab-grown meat if it continues down this path.

The battle over lab-grown meat is not just about food, but also about geopolitics and economic competitiveness. The decision to ban this innovative industry could have far-reaching consequences for the US economy and its position in the global market.

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