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What is the current status of Dodgers outfielder James Outman?

Outman Sent Down to Triple-A: Can he Work his Way Back to the Dodgers?

Dodgers’ Outfielder James Outman Sent Down to Triple-A, Looking to Turn Season Around

In a surprising move, the Los Angeles Dodgers sent down second-year outfielder James Outman as part of a series of roster adjustments in mid-May. After a standout rookie campaign, Outman’s struggles at the plate in his sophomore season led to the decision, but there is optimism that he can work his way back to the big club.

Despite a noticeable decline in performance, there are reasons to believe Outman can bounce back. According to Fabian Ardaya of the Athletic, Dodgers coaches identified mechanical and approach issues that were hindering Outman’s performance. By getting regular at-bats in Triple-A, Outman will have the opportunity to work on these issues and regain his form.

While Outman’s numbers have taken a hit this season, there are positive signs to be found in his underlying statistics. Despite a decrease in his average and on-base percentage, Outman’s hard-hit rate has increased, and he has shown improvement in using the whole field. These indicators suggest that Outman’s struggles may be temporary and that he has the potential to excel at the plate.

A closer look at Outman’s plate discipline reveals a potential reason for his difficulties. Outman has been swinging at pitches outside the strike zone more frequently, while showing hesitation on pitches within the zone. These tendencies could be attributed to being “in-between on pitches,” a common issue for hitters that can be rectified with consistent playing time.

In his debut with Oklahoma City, Outman showed promising signs by recording a double, two walks, and a strikeout in five plate appearances. If Outman can continue to improve his approach and vision at the plate, he may find himself back in the Dodgers lineup sooner rather than later.

As Outman works on refining his skills in the minors, the Dodgers are hopeful that the outfielder will make the necessary adjustments to succeed at the Major League level once again.

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