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Janhvi Kapoor experiences panic attack while watching Sridevi’s tribute video on a reality show: ‘They kept it a secret…’

Janhvi Kapoor opens up about panic attack on set: ‘I couldn’t breathe anymore’

Title: Janhvi Kapoor Opens Up About Panic Attack on Set of Dance Show Honoring Sridevi

In a candid confession, Bollywood actor Janhvi Kapoor revealed her struggles with a panic attack on the set of a dance reality show. The emotional moment occurred when the show played a tribute video in memory of her late mother, the legendary actress Sridevi.

Janhvi, who lost her mother unexpectedly just before making her Bollywood debut, shared the harrowing experience in a recent interview. Reflecting on the incident, she recalled, “My team was taking care that I don’t get reminded of my mother, but this show didn’t tell us that they were going to give a tribute to mom.”

The video showcased Sridevi’s iconic songs accompanied by an emotional voiceover, leading Janhvi to break down in tears. She described the overwhelming emotions she experienced, revealing, “I couldn’t breathe anymore. I started howling and crying. I ran off the stage and went to my van. Had a proper panic attack.”

Despite the intense moment, the show edited out her emotional outburst and instead showed a clip of her smiling and clapping. Janhvi emphasized that the reality was very different from what viewers saw on screen.

The actor also addressed the scrutiny she faced after her mother’s passing, noting that people’s judgments of her grieving process were “weird.” Janhvi expressed her confusion over being labeled as snooty for not discussing her mother in interviews, emphasizing that she was simply trying to cope with the loss.

Janhvi Kapoor is the daughter of Sridevi and filmmaker Boney Kapoor, with a sister named Khushi Kapoor. Sridevi’s illustrious career in the film industry spanned decades, marked by iconic roles in films like “Mr India,” “Chandni,” and “English Vinglish.”

Sridevi tragically passed away in 2018 due to an accidental drowning, leaving behind a profound legacy in Indian cinema. Janhvi made her acting debut in 2018 with “Dhadak” and is set to star in the upcoming film “Mr and Mrs Mahi” alongside Rajkummar Rao.

As Janhvi continues to navigate her career in Bollywood, her raw honesty about her struggles with grief and loss provide a poignant glimpse into the challenges she has faced on her journey in the industry.

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