Saturday, June 15, 2024

US Introduces ‘Cyber Trust’ Labels to Safeguard Security Cameras, Refrigerators, and Appliances from Hackers

Introducing the Cyber Trust Mark: A New Label for Secure Smart Devices

The holiday season is a time for giving, but for consumers looking to purchase smart devices in the US, they may be receiving an extra layer of security thanks to a new label launched by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The US Cyber Trust Mark Initiative, akin to the well-known Energy Star program, aims to help consumers choose products that are less vulnerable to hacking. This initiative allows manufacturers to display a special label on their products if they meet specific cybersecurity standards, giving consumers peace of mind when making their purchasing decisions.

But it doesn’t stop there – in addition to the physical label, the program will also utilize QR codes. Consumers can simply scan these codes with their smartphones to access a national registry containing detailed security information about the specific device they’re interested in.

This initiative covers a wide range of internet-connected devices commonly found in homes, including home security cameras, fitness trackers, refrigerators, smart TVs, and other smart appliances. The cybersecurity criteria for the Cyber Trust Mark are expected to address factors such as secure data storage practices, the ability for consumers to delete data, detection of unusual device behavior, and commitment to ongoing security updates.

Major industry players such as Amazon, Best Buy, Google, LG Electronics USA, Logitech, and Samsung have already expressed support for this initiative. This collaboration between the government and these tech giants signals a commitment to raising cybersecurity standards within the smart home market.

With the Cyber Trust Mark Initiative in place, consumers can shop with confidence this holiday season, knowing that they are making informed choices when it comes to the security of their smart devices.

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