Monday, May 27, 2024

Urgent Recall: Toyota Announces Recall of 55,000 Vehicles Due to Rear Door Malfunctions

Toyota has issued a recall for approximately 55,000 of its vehicles across the United States, citing a critical issue with the rear door latches that might lead to the doors opening unexpectedly. This recall primarily affects the 2023-2024 Prius and Prius HEV hybrid electric models.

In a recent announcement, Toyota disclosed that the recall extends beyond the U.S., impacting an additional 156,000 vehicles in Japan, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The problem stems from a potential short-circuit in the rear door latches due to water intrusion, which could result in the doors opening while the vehicle is moving or during a collision. Such incidents significantly elevate the risk of injuries to passengers.

The company has advised that the malfunction could occur if the compact car’s rear doors are not securely locked. As an interim solution, Toyota urges vehicle owners in the U.S. and Canada to use the automatic door-locking feature available when shifting the vehicle out of “park.” This precautionary measure is aimed at mitigating the risk until the faulty door opener switches are replaced.

Toyota plans to start notifying affected customers by mail by early June 2024. Owners are encouraged to visit the Toyota recall website to determine if their vehicle is included in this recall. Meanwhile, Toyota dealerships are set to replace the defective parts with updated switches at no cost to the vehicle owners.

This recall follows a series of others by Toyota earlier this year, including over 381,000 Tacoma trucks for axle problems that might compromise vehicle stability and braking, and more than 280,600 units of Tundra, Tundra Hybrid, Lexus LX600, and Sequoia Hybrid models due to a brake malfunction that could lead to unintended vehicle movement.

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