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Revving Up Excitement: King Taco and Other Sponsors Fuel the Grand Prix of Long Beach

As the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach accelerates into its latest edition, a cadre of sponsors, led by the iconic King Taco, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the event’s appeal. Celebrating three decades of collaboration, King Taco remains a crowd favorite, serving up authentic Mexico City-style cuisine to race enthusiasts.

A Culinary Legend at the Racetrack

For 30 years, King Taco has delighted spectators at the Grand Prix of Long Beach with its sumptuous offerings, from tacos to other traditional Mexican dishes. “The presence of King Taco at the event has become something of a legend, a testament to the long queues that form at their stands,” commented Jim Michaelian, president and CEO of the Grand Prix Association of Long Beach. This year is particularly special for King Taco, marking its 50th anniversary since its inception in East Los Angeles by founder Raul Martinez, who originally launched the business from a modified ice cream truck.

Expansive Growth and Community Engagement

Since its humble beginnings, King Taco has expanded significantly, boasting 22 locations across Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. The relationship with the Grand Prix began in the mid-1990s when Martinez’s food truck, parked outside the event, drew large crowds, eventually leading to a lasting partnership. Beyond satisfying hungry racegoers, King Taco contributes significantly to the community, notably donating 1,000 reserved-seat tickets to the local Boys & Girls Clubs for the Sunday race.

Diverse Sponsorship Drives Success

While King Taco is a highlight, the Grand Prix is supported by a broad array of sponsors including Banc of California, Broken Earth Winery, and Modelo, among others. These partnerships help sustain the event’s festive atmosphere and ensure a comprehensive experience for all attendees. From tech firms like Cooler Master to beverage brands like Corona Hard Seltzer, the diversity of sponsors reflects the event’s broad appeal and its ability to bring together various segments of the community.

A Local Favorite Reopens

In related local business news, the Small Cafe in Naples recently reopened under new management, promising to retain beloved menu items while introducing historical elements to the decor. Now managed by Long Beach locals Megan Wright and Madison Cullen, who own several other eateries on Catalina Island, the cafe is poised to continue its tradition of community engagement and culinary excellence.


As the Grand Prix of Long Beach continues to be a significant event on the city’s calendar, the synergy between it and its sponsors like King Taco underscores a shared vision of community and celebration. Whether you’re a motorsport fan or a culinary enthusiast, this weekend at the Grand Prix promises excitement and enjoyment for all.

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