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Top Series for the Second Half of 2023: ‘One Piece’ Takes the Number 1 Spot

Netflix’s Top Series for the Second Half of 2023: ‘One Piece’ Dominates Global Viewership

Title: “Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Tops Global Series List with Record-Breaking Views”

Netflix has once again taken the streaming world by storm with its latest data release, showcasing the immense popularity of its series globally. The standout series at the top of the list for the second half of 2023 is none other than “One Piece,” a U.S.-Japanese co-production based on the beloved manga and anime series.

“One Piece” debuted on August 31st and quickly captured the attention of viewers, amassing a staggering 71.6 million views in just a few months. This massive viewership translated to a total of 541.9 million hours of viewing worldwide, highlighting the show’s broad appeal across different regions.

What sets “One Piece” apart is its global recognition, with four out of the top five series following it originating from countries outside the United States. From the German miniseries “Dear Child” to the British hit “Sex Education” season four, international shows have proven their popularity on the streaming platform.

In the United States alone, “One Piece” had a brief but impactful run in Nielsen’s streaming top 10, accumulating over 64 million hours of viewing in just four weeks. This significant viewership accounted for 16% of the show’s global tally during the same period, showcasing its strong engagement both domestically and internationally.

Additionally, other non-English language series such as the Korean drama “King the Land” and the Swedish limited series “A Nearly Normal Family” also made their mark in the top 20 shows list, further emphasizing Netflix’s diverse content offerings.

As Netflix continues to dominate the streaming landscape, the platform’s data release included over 16,000 titles, ranging from series to movies. While some titles garnered minimal views, the top 10 series and movies for the second half of 2023 solidified their places as must-watch content for viewers worldwide.

With the success of “One Piece” and other international hits, Netflix’s global appeal and diverse content library continue to capture the hearts of audiences around the world.

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