Monday, June 17, 2024

Taylor Swift Offers Early Endorsement of Joe Keery’s New Album ‘End of Beginning’

“Joe Keery Shares Taylor Swift’s Praise for His Song ‘End of Beginning'”

The news story revolves around actor Joe Keery and his interaction with pop superstar Taylor Swift. Keery shared in a podcast that Taylor Swift had praised his song “End of Beginning” when they crossed paths at a recording studio in New York City. Keery was pleasantly surprised and flattered by Swift’s recognition of his music, as she is known for being a music aficionado who appreciates new talents.

Keery also mentioned his experience of walking out of the studio to a crowd of fans waiting outside, who mistook him for Taylor Swift. Despite the confusion, Keery humbly took it in stride and shared the anecdote on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Additionally, the article touches on Keery’s role as Steve Harrington in the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things.” Keery talked about the show’s upcoming fifth and final season, which began filming earlier this year. He expressed gratitude for being a part of the successful series and emphasized the team’s commitment to delivering an exceptional final season to the fans.

Fans of Joe Keery and Taylor Swift will be delighted to learn about their interaction and Keery’s experiences with both Swift and his “Stranger Things” journey. Stay tuned for more updates on Keery’s music career and the final season of “Stranger Things.”

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