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Serie A and Allied Sports join forces for commercial sales in North America

Allied Sports Named Agency of Record for Lega Serie A in North America – Partnership to Expand Italian Soccer League’s Presence in the U.S.

Allied Sports Named Agency of Record for Lega Serie A in North America

In an exciting development for soccer fans in North America, Lega Serie A USA has appointed Allied Sports as the official agency of record for the Italian soccer League’s North American team, based in New York City. This partnership will see Allied Sports take on the responsibility of leading the commercial strategy and sales efforts for Lega Serie A in the United States, with a focus on maximizing corporate partnership revenue, expanding the League’s domestic fanbase, and working with like-minded brands.

Serie A is a global football powerhouse with 20 competitive Italian clubs, including five owned by Americans. The league has also seen an increase in American players, such as Christian Pulisic who currently plays for AC Milan. With over 518 million fans worldwide, Serie A has a significant following outside of Italy, with a large percentage of North American fans in the Gen Z demographic.

Sean Barror, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Allied Sports, expressed his excitement for the potential growth of Lega Serie A in North America, highlighting the opportunity for brands to connect with audiences through Italian excellence in sports, culture, and entertainment. Andy Mitchell, Lega Serie A’s North America CEO, emphasized the alignment in vision between Allied Sports and the League, noting the strong connection North American fans have with Italian culture.

Lega Serie A is Italy’s premier professional football league, known for its exceptional clubs and captivating style of football. The league’s U.S. office was opened in NYC in 2022 to strengthen connections with American fans and brands. Allied Sports, established in 2019, is a dynamic agency focused on transforming sports sponsorship into compelling storytelling and has been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Sports.

With this new partnership between Allied Sports and Lega Serie A, fans can look forward to an exciting future for Italian soccer in North America, as the League aims to further engage with audiences and expand its presence in the region.

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