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Susan Lucci Reveals She Was Approached to be the First Golden Bachelorette

Susan Lucci Discusses Being Contacted for The Golden Bachelorette: ‘It Wasn’t for Me’

Susan Lucci, renowned soap opera actress, recently revealed that she was approached about becoming the first Golden Bachelorette, a spinoff of the popular reality TV series The Bachelor. In a recent interview with People, Lucci shared that ABC had contacted her publicist to gauge her interest in the role, but ultimately she decided it wasn’t for her.

Despite not pursuing the opportunity, Lucci expressed her love for watching The Bachelor franchise, which she attributed to her late mother’s influence. Lucci’s connection to The Bachelor goes back years, and she has become addicted to the show, including its latest iteration, The Golden Bachelor.

While ABC has not confirmed their intentions to cast Lucci as the Golden Bachelorette, reports suggest that the network never formally offered her the role. Lucci, who was married to Helmet Huber until his passing in 2022, shared that she enjoys watching the show but did not feel compelled to participate in such a public search for love.

The Golden Bachelorette, a spinoff of The Bachelor, premiered in 2023 with a 72-year-old widower as the lead. The most recent Golden Bachelorette, Joan Vassos, left the show early to focus on her family, showcasing the emotional and unpredictable journey of finding love on reality TV.

As fans eagerly await the next season of The Golden Bachelorette, speculation swirls about potential leads, with celebrities like Hoda Kotb, Jenna Bush Hager, and Kathie Lee Gifford’s names thrown into the mix. Gifford, however, expressed her reservations about participating in such a public dating process, citing concerns about intimacy and relationships developing too quickly.

The Golden Bachelorette is set to premiere on ABC in the fall, promising another season of love, drama, and unexpected twists for viewers to enjoy. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest season of this fan-favorite spinoff.

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