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Haiti’s Continued Wait for International Force to Address Gangs | National News

Updates on Delay of Kenyan-Led Multinational Force Deployment to Haiti

Haiti Awaits Arrival of Kenyan-Led Multinational Force to Tackle Gang Violence

The Caribbean nation of Haiti is anxiously waiting for the arrival of a Kenyan-led multinational force to address the growing threat of powerful and violent gangs that have terrorized the country for far too long. Despite hopes that the force would arrive this week, their deployment has been delayed.

The urgency for the deployment was underscored by the recent killing of three missionaries, including a Haitian and an American couple, by gang members. This tragic incident has reignited calls for swift action to address the security crisis in Haiti.

“The security situation in Haiti cannot wait,” stated a spokesperson for the US National Security Council following the news of the missionaries’ deaths.

The UN-backed security mission, with the United States providing logistical support, aims to assist Haiti’s struggling police force in combating the criminal gangs that have taken control of parts of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and other areas of the country.

While there was speculation that the first contingent of the Kenyan-led force would arrive this week, Kenyan President William Ruto stated that it may take a few more weeks before the force is fully ready to deploy.

“We are looking at the horizon of between three weeks and thereabout for us to be ready to deploy, once everything on the ground is set,” Ruto explained during a visit to Washington.

The situation in Haiti has been further exacerbated by factors such as poverty, natural disasters, political instability, and the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in 2021. With the country currently lacking a sitting parliament and facing a myriad of challenges, the need for immediate intervention is critical.

As the multinational force prepares to enter Haiti, concerns remain about how the gangs will respond to their presence. Experts suggest that the gangs may be waiting to assess the mission’s approach before deciding on their next actions.

Despite these challenges, the international community, led by Kenya and other nations, remains committed to assisting Haiti in overcoming the security crisis and restoring stability to the country. The deployment of the multinational force represents a beacon of hope for the Haitian people who have long suffered at the hands of criminal gangs.

The transitional government in Haiti is also working to address the country’s pressing issues, including the appointment of a new prime minister. As Haiti awaits the arrival of the multinational force, the hope is that this intervention will mark a turning point in the fight against gang violence and pave the way for a brighter future for the nation.

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