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Sports and Cultural Exchange Essential for Strengthening Relations with Nigeria

American Breakdance Experts Macca Malik and Jacob “Kujo” Lyons Visit Nigeria as Sports Envoys

American breakdance experts Macca Malik and Jacob “Kujo” Lyons recently wrapped up a weeklong visit to Nigeria as part of the U.S. Department of State’s Sports Envoy Program. The dynamic duo made a lasting impact on the Nigerian breaking community, showcasing their talent and sharing valuable insights with emerging and established breakers.

During their visit to Abuja and Lagos, Malik and Lyons engaged with the Nigerian Olympic Committee, highlighting breaking’s new status as an Olympic sport and offering world-class opportunities for Nigerian breakers. They also visited the School for the Deaf in Kuje, where they empowered students to form a Breakdance Club and emphasized the belief that “there is ability in disability.” Additionally, the Envoys led workshops and masterclasses at Krump Dance Studio, providing valuable tips on preparing for Olympic competitions.

In Lagos, the Sports Envoys conducted masterclasses at the Nation Dance Studio and participated in an American Spaces Employability Webinar, where they discussed how participants can turn their passion for breaking into fulfilling careers. Their visit concluded with captivating public performances in Abuja and Lagos, where audiences were treated to breathtaking choreography and compelling narratives.

Acting U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Joseph Zadrozny praised the Sports Envoy Program for promoting cultural exchange and artistic collaboration through the universal language of dance and sports. He emphasized the importance of the lessons shared by the Envoys – communication, teamwork, resilience, inclusion, and conflict resolution – for leadership development, community building, equality, and peace.

The Sports Envoys’ passion for breaking and their willingness to share knowledge with the Nigerian breaking community garnered tremendous appreciation from sports and cultural leaders. Their visit not only showcased the beauty of breakdancing but also deepened the cultural ties between the United States and Nigeria, fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual understanding.

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