Monday, June 17, 2024

Leicester extends a warm welcome to international students following Home Office announcement | Latest Update

Update on UK Government’s Decision to Retain Graduate Route for International Students of UK Universities

The UK Government has made an important decision regarding the future of international students studying in the country. The graduate route, which allows international students to remain in the UK after graduation for two years, will continue to be available to students from all UK universities.

This news has been welcomed by the President and Vice-Chancellor at the University of Leicester, Professor Nishan Canagarajah. He highlighted the valuable contributions that international students make to the university and the broader community. International students bring diversity, new perspectives, and important skills to the educational environment.

Professor Canagarajah also mentioned the significant financial impact of international students, with their annual contribution amounting to £41 billion in the UK. This translates to a boost of approximately £560 per citizen in every parliamentary constituency. In the East Midlands region alone, international students’ off-campus spending supports thousands of jobs.

The decision to retain the graduate route follows a review by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), which recommended that the route should be maintained in its current form. The announcement coincided with the release of net migration data, showing a 25% decrease in study visa numbers between December 2023 and December 2024. This decline is attributed to changes in government policy, including the end of the dependents’ visa for international postgraduate students.

Overall, the UK Government’s commitment to supporting international students through the graduate route is a positive development for the education sector and the wider economy. It ensures that international students can continue to contribute to the UK’s academic and cultural landscape while also benefiting from the opportunities available in the country.

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