Monday, June 17, 2024

Global Outage: Microsoft Services, including Copilot, Bing, ChatGPT Web Search, Currently Unavailable

Microsoft Services Outage: Bing and Copilot Unavailable Worldwide

A widespread outage has hit several Microsoft services, leaving users around the world frustrated and unable to access key features. Reports on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) and the crowdsourced downtime reporting website Downdetector have revealed that Microsoft Bing and Copilot services are currently unavailable.

Users have taken to X to express their frustration, with one user stating, “It’s not just you: Microsoft’s services are down in some regions. Bing is down, Copilot in Windows is down.” Another user mentioned, “Is copilot down? I’m getting the Bing page when I try to get to the copilot site.”

Downdetector data shows that a majority of users are experiencing issues with Bing, with 61% reporting problems accessing the website, 35% facing search issues, and the rest encountering login problems. Even TOI Tech confirmed the outage by attempting to access Bing and Copilot on Microsoft Edge and Windows 11 PC, receiving error messages indicating the services are currently unavailable.

In addition to Bing and Copilot, other services that rely on Bing’s API are also down, including ChatGPT’s web search feature for premium users. DuckDuck Go, which uses Bing for search, is also facing issues due to the outage.

Despite the widespread reports of service disruptions, Microsoft has not yet confirmed the outage or provided any explanation for the ongoing issues. Users are left waiting for updates from the tech giant as they continue to experience disruptions in accessing essential Microsoft services.

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