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‘Goodness of God’ performance wows millions on ‘American Idol’

CeCe Winans and Roman Collins Sing ‘Goodness of God’ on ‘American Idol’ Season 22 Finale, Garnering Over 20 Million Views

The recent duet performance on the “American Idol” season 22 finale has captured the hearts of over 20 million viewers across the nation. Gospel singer CeCe Winans and former contestant Roman Collins took the stage to perform “Goodness of God” on Pentecost Sunday, with 5.64 million people tuning in to watch the three-hour show, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The performance, which was shared on “American Idol’s” Instagram account, quickly went viral, garnering praise and admiration from fans. Collins, who expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to minister with Winans in front of America and American Idol alum Fantasia, reflected on the overwhelming success of the performance, which has now reached 25 million views.

Collins, who released his album “Same Gospel New Sound” in March, has been vocal about his Christian faith throughout his journey on the show. From performing gospel songs on the stage to sharing his worship leader background, Collins has used his platform to spread positivity and inspiration.

While “Goodness of God” has been covered by Winans and gained popularity, the song was originally performed by Jenn Johnson of Bethel Music and released in 2019. The “American Idol” season 22 finale concluded with Abi Carter being crowned the winner, with Will Moseley as the runner-up and Jack Blocker finishing in third place.

The powerful duet performance has not only showcased the immense talent of Winans and Collins but has also brought a message of faith and hope to audiences across the country. It serves as a reminder of the power of music to unite and inspire, especially during uncertain times.

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