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Eindhoven Tech University and ASML Announce $195 Million Investment Partnership

European Tech Giant ASML and Eindhoven University of Technology to Invest 180 Million Euros in Semiconductor Research

ASML and Eindhoven University of Technology Announce $195 Million Investment in Semiconductor Research

In a groundbreaking collaboration, European tech giant ASML and the Eindhoven University of Technology have committed to investing a total of 180 million euros ($195 million) in semiconductor research over the next decade. This partnership aims to bolster the semiconductor industry in the Netherlands and pave the way for future advancements in technology.

ASML, a leading supplier of equipment used in computer chip manufacturing, has been seeking opportunities for expansion amid concerns about workforce availability and infrastructure in the Eindhoven region. The company’s CFO, Roger Dassen, emphasized the importance of this collaboration in providing scientific insights relevant to the chip industry and society at large.

The university plans to allocate 100 million euros towards building and operating an advanced cleanroom facility dedicated to semiconductor research. This facility will focus on areas such as plasma physics, mechatronics, optics, and artificial intelligence. ASML will contribute 80 million euros to this initiative.

University President Robert-Jan Smits hailed this partnership as the largest ever for the university, highlighting its potential to solidify Eindhoven’s status as a “semicon hotspot.” The Dutch government’s recent investment in infrastructure improvements around Eindhoven, dubbed “Project Beethoven,” underscores the importance of retaining ASML’s operations in the region.

ASML’s ambitious growth plans include a forecast of 44-60 billion euros in annual sales by 2030, signaling its commitment to innovation and expansion. With plans for a significant expansion near Eindhoven’s airport, ASML aims to accommodate up to 20,000 additional employees in the coming years.

This collaboration between ASML and the Eindhoven University of Technology represents a significant milestone in the advancement of semiconductor research and underscores the Netherlands’ position as a global leader in technology and innovation.

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