Monday, June 17, 2024

Get to Know the Candidates Running in the 2024 U.S. House District 4 GOP Primary | Latest News, Sports, and Job Opportunities

Candidates’ Responses to Questionnaire for U.S. House Seat in Iowa’s Fourth District

The race for the U.S. House seat in Iowa’s Fourth District is heating up as incumbent Randy Feenstra and challenger Kevin Virgil face off ahead of the June 4 primary vote. Both candidates have strong backgrounds and compelling reasons for wanting to represent the district in Congress.

Feenstra, a two-term incumbent, highlights his experience in both the private and public sectors, including as a business and economics professor and Iowa State Senator. He emphasizes his track record of delivering conservative results for his constituents and vows to continue fighting for their interests.

On the other hand, Virgil, a veteran and entrepreneur, positions himself as a new generation of leader who will prioritize the needs of Western Iowa residents over outside influences. He criticizes Feenstra for voting in an unconstitutional manner and being beholden to out-of-state donors, stating that Iowans deserve better representation.

Both candidates weigh in on key issues such as fiscal priorities, foreign aid, agriculture, eminent domain, abortion, gun ownership, student debt forgiveness, and immigration. Their differing views on these topics showcase the contrast in their approaches to governance and policy-making.

As the primary race intensifies, voters in Iowa’s Fourth District will have a crucial decision to make on who they believe is the most qualified candidate to represent their interests in Congress. The outcome of this race could have a significant impact on the future direction of the district and the nation as a whole.

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