Sunday, June 16, 2024

Delhi Journalist Almost Duped of Rs 25,000 by ‘Phony’ Friend Using US Phone Number

Scam Alert: Delhi-based Journalist Almost Falls Victim to Online Scam on Social Media

The rise of internet and social media usage has also brought about a surge in scams and frauds, with scamsters getting more creative in their tactics. A recent incident on X (formerly Twitter) involving a Delhi-based journalist highlights just how convincing these scams can be.

The journalist, Pratap Vikram Singh, was approached by someone impersonating the co-founder and CEO of The Ken, Rohin Dharmakumar. In a series of messages, the impostor claimed to be in a conference meeting and urgently needed Singh to purchase 5 Apple store cards worth Rs 5,000 each.

Despite initial hesitation, Singh agreed to carry out the task. However, when he asked for a phone call to discuss the process further, the fraudster evaded the request by claiming to be busy. Upon sensing something was amiss, Singh ultimately decided not to proceed with the transaction, potentially saving himself Rs 25,000.

While Singh did not disclose whether he filed a police complaint, he did take to social media to raise awareness about the scam and tagged relevant authorities. The incident serves as a cautionary tale for all internet users to exercise vigilance when dealing with unfamiliar numbers and to confirm the legitimacy of any financial transactions.

It remains unclear how the scamster obtained the details to carry out this fraud, emphasizing the importance of remaining cautious online. If in doubt, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the National Cybercell for assistance in verifying the authenticity of any transactions. Stay safe and stay vigilant in the digital age.

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