Monday, May 20, 2024

Final Call for Claims in Verizon’s $100 Million Settlement Approaches

Verizon account holders have until April 15 to stake their claim in a substantial $100 million class action settlement. Eligible customers, who may receive up to $100, are urged to act quickly to secure their portion of the payout.

The lawsuit centers on undisclosed fees charged by Verizon. Affected consumers include both current and former users who availed of postpaid wireless or data services and were subject to an Administrative Charge and/or an Administrative and Telco Recovery Charge from January 1, 2016, to November 8, 2023. The settlement potentially benefits millions across the United States, based on the last known addresses on their accounts.

Under the terms of the settlement, qualifying account holders are guaranteed a minimum payment of $15, with an additional dollar added for every month they incurred the specific fees during the eligible period. This adjustment was set following allegations that Verizon had not fully disclosed certain administrative fees on a monthly basis.

While Verizon has denied these allegations, they have chosen to settle the dispute. Claimants must submit their requests through the designated settlement website, where they will need to provide their Verizon account number and some personal details to verify their eligibility. Successful claims will result in payments made either by check or through electronic transfer.

However, claimants should be aware that accepting the settlement precludes any future legal actions regarding the complaint issues against Verizon. This is a crucial consideration for those contemplating the acceptance of the settlement terms.

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