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Publix Delivers Winning Combination with NFL-Inspired Subs Ahead of Draft Season

LAKELAND, Fla. – In a strategic play to captivate NFL fans, Publix Super Markets has reintroduced two NFL-themed sub sandwiches, enhancing the excitement around the upcoming NFL draft. Available for a limited period in select locations, these gourmet subs promise a delicious addition to any draft day gathering.

The prominent Lakeland-based retailer announced that its popular “Pub subs” are back on the menu in both Florida and Georgia, just in time for NFL draft celebrations. These subs not only cater to the tastes of football enthusiasts but also offer a unique twist on classic flavors.

For fans in Florida, the Miami Dolphins-inspired sub, dubbed “Swim Toward the End Zone,” remixes the traditional Cuban sandwich. It features layers of smokehouse tavern ham and succulent pulled pork, topped with Swiss cheese. The addition of lemon garlic aioli and crispy jalapeños provides a refreshing citrus kick and a crunchy texture, rounding out this fan-favorite.

Meanwhile, across the border in Georgia, Atlanta Falcons supporters can indulge in a sub that showcases southern charm with a twist. The “Flying the Coop” sub includes Publix’s famous chicken tenders, enhanced with sweet maple seasoning and crispy bacon. True to its roots, it is finished with a spread of peach preserves and a drizzle of sriracha mayo, adding a sweet and spicy flair that honors the Peach State.

The NFL draft is set to begin on April 25, but these special edition subs will only be available until April 30, making them a timely treat for sports fans looking to score big at their draft parties.

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