Monday, June 17, 2024

European Union Calls for US to Enact New Technology Regulations Following Worries About Google, Reports ET BrandEquity

Lobbying groups representing airlines, hotels, and retailers have joined forces to urge European Union tech regulators to consider their perspectives when implementing new tech rules. These groups, including Airlines for Europe, Hotel group Hotrec, European Hotel Forum, EuroCommerce, Ecommerce Europe, and Independent Retail Europe, have expressed concerns about the potential impact of the new regulations.

EU Industry Chief Thierry Breton has called on the United States to introduce new technology regulations to facilitate a cohesive digital marketplace across the Atlantic. The EU has been at the forefront of tech regulation, with laws like the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act aimed at scrutinizing the practices of major tech companies.

The DMA imposes restrictions on tech giants like Google to provide users with more choice and allow competitors to thrive in the market. However, the lobbying groups fear that these changes could adversely affect their revenues by favoring powerful online intermediaries.

In a joint letter to EU Antitrust Chief Margrethe Vestager and Breton, the groups expressed their concerns about the potential discrimination and negative impact on direct sales revenues due to preferential treatment given to online intermediaries. Google, currently under investigation for possible DMA breaches, has not provided any immediate comments on the matter.

Breton emphasized the need for similar digital regulations in the United States to establish a global digital market. He highlighted the importance of aligning values and regulations between the EU and the US to ensure a fair and competitive digital landscape.

The call for new tech rules in the US comes amidst growing concerns over the risks associated with advancing AI systems. President Joe Biden has already introduced executive orders focusing on AI safety tests and guidelines to combat deepfake images.

Breton made these statements at the “Viva Technology” conference in Paris, attended by prominent tech executives and political figures. The push for regulatory alignment between the EU and the US aims to create a level playing field and foster innovation in the digital marketplace.

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