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Contestant’s Surprise Answer Stuns Audience on Wheel of Fortune – NBC 7 San Diego

Contestant’s NSFW Answer Shocks “Wheel of Fortune” Crowd and Host Pat Sajak

Contestant’s NSFW Answer on “Wheel of Fortune” Leaves Host and Audience Speechless

On a recent episode of the long-running game show “Wheel of Fortune,” contestant Tavaris Williams shocked everyone with his answer to a puzzle. With the category being “Phrases” and the letters “_ _ _ _ I _ T _ E B _ _ T!,” Williams confidently buzzed in and exclaimed, “Right in the butt!” The answer understandably caused a gasp from the audience and even drew a surprised reaction from host Pat Sajak.

Despite Williams’ bold response, the correct answer ended up being “This is the best,” as guessed by another contestant, Blake. Williams took the moment in stride, jokingly acknowledging the mix-up with a chuckle and admitting, “Much better answer.”

While the inappropriate answer may not have won him any money on the show, Williams definitely left a lasting impression. Host Pat Sajak joked during an interview with Williams, “You’ve already made an impression on us.”

Fans of the show took to social media to express their amusement at Williams’ blunder, with some joking that his family would never let him live it down. The incident adds to a long list of memorable moments from the show’s history, with Sajak likely to encounter more hilarious responses before his departure from the show.

As the show prepares for host Ryan Seacrest to take over, there’s no doubt that he will have entertaining moments like these to look forward to. With veteran co-host Vanna White by his side, Seacrest is sure to continue the legacy of fun and unexpected moments on “Wheel of Fortune.”

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