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Breaking down the process: Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders’ path to forming a government

Netherlands Set for Most Right-Wing Government in Recent History

The Netherlands is on the brink of forming its most right-wing government in recent history, with anti-immigration populist Geert Wilders inching closer to a coalition deal with other parties. Wilders’ nationalist PVV party, the clear winner of the recent election, is set to join forces with outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s centre-right VVD, the new centrist NSC, and the farmers protest upstart BBB.

Unlike the usual detailed government pacts, this coalition aims for a broader agreement and a government of technocrats with looser ties to parliament. This unconventional approach may pose challenges as parties strive to agree on key positions and policy proposals.

Despite initial reluctance from the VVD and NSC to work with Wilders, the outspoken leader has made some concessions in a bid to secure a deal. He has toned down his anti-EU and anti-Islam rhetoric and even expressed willingness to forego the role of prime minister.

The coalition’s policy direction is expected to focus on strict limits on immigration, but disagreements may arise over other promises like increased healthcare spending and lowering the retirement age due to budget constraints. Economic experts have warned of the need for significant spending cuts to maintain fiscal stability.

Wilders’ shift on certain issues, such as weapon deliveries to Ukraine and EU membership, indicates a willingness to compromise for the sake of forming a government. The four prospective parties are set to finalize their deal soon, paving the way for the selection of a prime minister and the filling of other government positions.

As the Netherlands prepares for a potentially impactful government shakeup, the world watches closely to see how this right-wing coalition will navigate policy challenges and shape the country’s future.

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