Monday, June 24, 2024

Big U.S. real estate and technology companies collaborate to bring electric vehicle chargers to Georgia

CBRE Partners with EV+ to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Network in America

The world’s largest commercial real estate services firm, CBRE, has just announced a groundbreaking partnership with California-based EV+ to bolster America’s electric vehicle charging network. This collaboration comes at a crucial time as fully electric cars are becoming more prevalent on the roads.

CBRE revealed their plans to install chargers at 10,000 commercial properties over the next five years, with a focus on locations such as apartment complexes, hotels, and health care facilities. EV+ Chief Executive Joe Schottland noted that Atlanta and Georgia will be included in the list of locations, although specific properties were not disclosed.

Just as gas-powered cars rely on fuel centers along major roads, EV companies and owners are seeking similar convenience when it comes to charging their vehicles away from home. While private companies and governments are investing billions into expanding the charging network, CBRE officials highlighted the need for more chargers at well-traveled properties.

Statistics show that EV adoption is on the rise in the U.S., with Atlanta being no exception. However, a survey by Carvana revealed that a lack of public charger access is one of the key factors preventing consumers from making the switch to electric vehicles. This partnership between CBRE and EV+ aims to address this issue by providing convenient access to reliable charging stations at locations where EV drivers spend time.

In collaboration with EV+, CBRE will assist with financing, site selection, maintenance, and other managerial tasks. EV+ is an on-site charger installation company that maintains its own hardware, software, and networking system. Property owners receiving the chargers will not be responsible for maintenance, and customers will bear the cost of electricity consumption, similar to a gas station.

With the goal of establishing electric vehicle charging capacity where it is most needed and desired, this partnership between CBRE and EV+ is set to boost EV adoption rates and provide property owners with a valuable amenity for their customers. The initiative aims to cater to drivers who spend significant time at locations like apartments, hotels, and health care facilities, ensuring that charging infrastructure keeps pace with the growing demand for electric vehicles.

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