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World Court informed that Israel is close to achieving its goal of wiping Gaza off the map

Analysis: Netanyahu’s War Plan Criticized by Defence Minister and Others

The ongoing tension between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Yoav Gallant has reached a boiling point, with Gallant publicly criticizing Netanyahu’s lack of a “day-after plan” for Gaza. This comes in the wake of a friendly-fire incident in Gaza that left five soldiers dead and seven wounded.

Gallant’s bold move to openly challenge Netanyahu’s leadership highlights the deep divisions within the Israeli government and the military. The defence minister’s call for a clear strategy and vision for the future of Gaza underscores the urgent need for a new approach to the conflict.

Netanyahu’s insistence on a “total victory” against Hamas is being criticized as a fantasy, with experts warning that militant groups have a knack for regenerating. The lack of a viable alternative to Hamas in Gaza only serves to prolong the conflict and put Israeli troops at risk of being dragged into a prolonged war.

As Israeli soldiers continue to die in Gaza, pressure is mounting on Netanyahu to make a decision and chart a new course for the region. With his defence minister openly challenging him, the Prime Minister may soon find himself facing even more dissent within his own government.

Gallant’s intervention serves as a stark reminder of the high stakes involved in the conflict and the urgent need for a new strategy to bring stability to the region. The coming days will be crucial as Netanyahu grapples with the growing dissent within his government and the escalating violence in Gaza.

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