Saturday, June 15, 2024

US greenlights $275 million in weapons and military assistance for Ukraine amidst Russian offensive in Kharkiv

US Approves $275mn of Weapons and Military Aid to Ukraine as Russia Advances its Assault on Kharkiv

The United States has announced a significant new drawdown of military aid for Ukraine, as Russia continues its assault on the Kharkiv region. This fresh tranche of aid includes crucial ammunition, missiles, mines, and artillery rounds to support Ukraine in defending its country against the ongoing aggression.

Since May 10, when thousands of Moscow’s troops stormed the border, Ukraine has been battling back in Kharkiv, making significant territorial gains. In response to the escalating conflict, the US has approved a $275 million package to help Ukraine repel Russia’s assault near Kharkiv.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated, “This package contains urgently needed capabilities, including ammunition for HIMARS, artillery rounds, missiles, anti-armor systems, precision aerial munitions, small arms, and protective equipment.” Additionally, US lawmakers passed a $61 billion military aid deal for Ukraine last month, after Ukrainian forces experienced setbacks on the battlefield due to ammunition and funding shortages.

President Joe Biden has ordered five tranches of military aid to be sent to Ukraine, with assistance from previous packages already reaching the front lines. The recent strikes on the city of Kharkiv have resulted in casualties, with at least seven people confirmed dead. More than 11,000 individuals in the wider region have been evacuated since Russia began its new offensive.

The provision of military aid underscores the ongoing support for Ukraine in its resistance against Russian aggression. The situation in Kharkiv remains tense, with both sides engaged in fierce fighting as the conflict continues to unfold.

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