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US Eyeing Potential Collaboration with Gulf Allies on Missile Defense System Following Israel’s Defense_Success

U.S. Hopes Riyadh Meetings Will Advance Regional Missile Shield Goal

US Pushes for Regional Missile Shield in Gulf in Wake of Israel’s Defense Against Iranian Attacks

The United States is urging its Gulf allies to step up efforts to build a regional missile shield following Israel’s successful defense against a barrage of Iranian missiles and drones last month. A meeting in Riyadh between the US and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is set to address this issue on Wednesday.

While the US sees the successful defense of Israel as a result of years of integration among defense partners, there are doubts among Gulf allies about the extent of US support in the event of an attack. The meeting also comes amid ongoing missile and drone attacks by Yemen’s Houthis in the Red Sea and a reluctance among Middle East countries to share sensitive defense information with each other.

Former US officials emphasize the need for Gulf countries to make political decisions on regional intelligence sharing and investments in secure communications. There are also concerns about the Gulf allies purchasing military systems from multiple vendors, including Russia and China, which could pose challenges for integrated air and missile defense.

The US delegation for the meeting includes officials from various military branches, while all GCC members will be represented. The goal of the meetings is to foster trust and cooperation in integrated missile defense systems.

Overall, the US hopes the meetings will help overcome doubts and build confidence among Gulf allies in the value of integrated missile defense.

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