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US Consulate in Bengaluru Expected to Open Next Year: American Ambassador

United States Ambassador for India announces plans for US Consulate in Bengaluru in 2023

The United States Ambassador for India, Eric Garcetti, has announced that the American Consulate in Bengaluru is set to begin operations by next year. This comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the United States in 2023 and met with President Joe Biden, where they revealed plans for two new US consulates in India.

During a conference in Bengaluru, Garcetti expressed his excitement about the upcoming consulate, stating, “One of them will be right here in Bengaluru, and I am hoping to get it done in the coming year. I am excited to see a US Consulate in this city.” This development is expected to benefit hundreds of thousands of people in Karnataka, including NRIs, students, and tech professionals who frequently travel to the United States.

Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya also highlighted the significance of the US Consulate, stating, “The people of Bengaluru had to travel to other cities to get any US visa-related work done, costing them a significant amount of money. With the new consulate, four to five lakh people in Karnataka will be able to get their visa stampings done without leaving the state.”

Garcetti’s visit to Bengaluru aimed to strengthen economic and commercial relations between the United States and India, particularly in the space sector. The establishment of the US Consulate in Bengaluru is expected to further enhance cooperation between the two countries and facilitate smoother visa processes for individuals in the region.

Overall, the news of the upcoming US Consulate in Bengaluru has been met with enthusiasm and anticipation from the local community, signaling a positive development for cross-border relations and travel facilitation in the region.

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