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United Airlines Crews Prepare for Busiest Memorial Day Ever at Denver International Airport, Taking to the Taxiway

United Airlines Sets Record for Memorial Day Weekend Travel at Denver International Airport

Memorial Day weekend is set to bring record-breaking travel to Denver International Airport, with United Airlines leading the way. The airport’s largest provider, United, is expecting to serve a record number of passengers over the holiday weekend, with more than 500 flights a day planned.

Jonna McGrath, vice president of the United Denver Hub, stated that they will be facilitating over 55,000 people a day out of Denver, marking the kickoff of the summer travel season for United. Thursday was predicted to be the busiest day for travel this Memorial Day.

To ensure flights run smoothly and on schedule, United has a specialized crew called the “move team” who are experts in relocating aircraft without the need for a pilot or mechanic. By utilizing million-dollar tug machines, the team can move anywhere from 40 to 80 aircraft a day, saving the airline millions in fuel costs and reducing emissions.

Kenneth Liming, a member of the move team, demonstrated the process to CBS News Colorado’s Dillon Thomas, showcasing how they maneuver a Boeing 777 from the hangar to a gate. Liming emphasized the importance of the team, especially during busy times like Memorial Day.

According to McGrath, the move team plays a crucial role in ensuring flights remain on track, likening their precision to a symphony orchestra. While pilots and gate agents are typically seen as the forefront of passenger assistance, the move team in Denver is an essential behind-the-scenes resource for the airline’s operations.

With Memorial Day weekend expected to be the busiest in Denver’s history for United, the move team’s expertise and efficiency will be integral in serving the influx of passengers.

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