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Ukraine claims to have partially pushed back Russia’s troops from key town as Putin’s offensive shows signs of slowing in latest update on Ukraine war | World News

Developing “No Limits” Partnership Between Russia and China: Analysis by Moscow Correspondent, Ivor Bennett

Headline: Putin’s Visit to China Signals Strong Alliance Amidst International Isolation

In a bold move amidst Russia’s international isolation following the invasion of Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin’s visit to China highlights the depth of the partnership between the two nations. Coined as the “no limits” partnership, the alliance between Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping has been solidified by shared ideologies and economic benefits.

Despite facing backlash from the West, China remains a steadfast supporter of Russia, providing crucial economic lifelines through trade in oil and gas, as well as imports of goods. The trade between the two nations has seen a significant increase, reaching $240 billion last year.

However, concerns have been raised about the nature of the partnership, with suspicions that Chinese products, including dual-use goods, are aiding Russia’s military-industrial complex. The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has expressed deep concerns over this issue.

As Putin embarks on his first foreign trip of his new presidential term, the visit to China is seen as a strategic move to reinforce his priorities and signal the strength of the alliance. Despite the symbolic nature of the visit, analysts suggest that the partnership between Xi and Putin is part of a larger geopolitical game between the US and China.

While the alliance between Russia and China presents a united front against Western pressure, the power dynamics are clear, with China holding the upper hand. As Putin seeks more support for Russia’s militarized economy, the boundaries of the partnership are carefully watched, as China navigates the delicate balance between supporting Russia and maintaining relations with the US.

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