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Trump calls US embassy’s rejection of assistance call before killing of two Americans in Haiti ‘a tragedy’

Senator Josh Hawley Blames American Embassy in Haiti for Neglecting Responsiblities in Face of Tragic Deaths

Senator Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican, has accused the American embassy in Haiti of failing to provide assistance when gangs allegedly killed state representative Ben Baker’s daughter and son-in-law, who were missionaries in the nation.

Ben Baker’s daughter Natalie and her husband Davy Lloyd were tragically killed in Haiti. Taking to social media, Baker expressed his devastation, stating that his “heart is broken in a thousand pieces.”

Senator Hawley extended his condolences to the family, calling Natalie and Davy Lloyd a “wonderful missionary couple from Missouri.” He emphasized their dedication to spreading the Gospel and condemned their senseless deaths at the hands of criminals.

In a statement, Hawley criticized the embassy in Port-au-Prince for allegedly refusing to send help despite being urged to do so. He questioned the Biden administration’s ability to protect American citizens abroad, calling the situation a reflection of the country’s weakness.

The response to Hawley’s comments was mixed, with some expressing sympathy for the victims and others questioning why the couple was still residing in Haiti despite official travel advisories.

Former President Donald Trump also weighed in on the tragedy, calling the killings a “tragedy” and urging authorities to find the perpetrators. Missouri Governor Mike Parson joined in denouncing the killings, offering his condolences to the families of the victims.

According to the organization Missions in Haiti Inc., the couple was attacked by an armed group and Davy was tied up and assaulted before the assailants stole their belongings. The group’s trucks were also stolen in the attack.

This heartbreaking incident has brought attention to the security challenges faced by American citizens in Haiti and raised questions about the role of the embassy in providing assistance during such emergencies.

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