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Toronto Becomes First Non-American-Based WNBA Team as Billionaire Larry Tanenbaum Invests $65 Million More than Golden State Valkyries

The WNBA Expands Domination with Addition of New Teams

Title: WNBA Expands Dominance with Addition of New Teams in Toronto and San Francisco

The WNBA continues to make strides in the world of women’s basketball, with the recent addition of new teams in Toronto and San Francisco. The league, which started in 1997, has grown significantly over the years, with the latest expansion marking a significant milestone in its history.

The addition of a team in Toronto marks the first franchise to be located outside the USA, showcasing the league’s commitment to international expansion. Billionaire Larry Tanenbaum and his company Kilmer Sports Inc. paid a staggering $115 million for the latest team, surpassing the bidding of his American competitors. This move not only highlights the growing popularity of the WNBA but also the lucrative opportunities it offers to team owners.

On the other hand, the San Francisco Bay Area team, known as the Golden State Valkyries, will bring the WNBA back to its roots in the NBA. With the team set to play at the Chase Center in San Francisco, the headquarters will be located in the Warriors’ Oakland Facility. The team is slated to begin play in 2025, representing a new chapter for women’s basketball in the Bay Area.

The WNBA’s expansion reflects its ability to attract new audiences and partners, as Commissioner Cathy Engelbert emphasized the importance of reaching international markets. With at least half of the 12 WNBA teams currently owned by NBA owners, the league is poised for continued success and growth in the coming years.

As the Toronto and San Francisco teams prepare to make their debut in the WNBA, all eyes will be on how they will contribute to the league’s overall success. With basketball’s popularity in Canada and the Bay Area, these new teams have the potential to further elevate the WNBA’s presence on a global scale.

Larry Tanenbaum’s significant investment in the Toronto team underscores the potential for growth and success in the WNBA. As these new teams take the court, they have the opportunity to not only showcase their talent but also inspire young girls and boys to pursue their passion for basketball, further solidifying the WNBA’s position as a dominant force in women’s sports.

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