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The Pope’s Message to Buddhists: Joining Forces for a More Inclusive World

Pope Francis Encourages Buddhist Monks to Foster Dialogue and Cooperation for a Better World

Pope Francis Emphasizes Dialogue and Cooperation with Buddhist Monks for a Better World

Pope Francis welcomed a delegation of Buddhist monks from the Wat Phra Cetuphon temple in Bangkok, one of the most important Buddhist temples in Thailand, on Monday. He expressed his gratitude for their enduring friendship and willingness to collaborate for the betterment of humanity.

During his address to the monks, Pope Francis highlighted the importance of a closer collaboration between the Church and Buddhists to address the challenges facing our world. He referenced the recent Seventh Buddhist-Christian Colloquium in Bangkok, where participants committed to working together for the healing of a wounded humanity and earth.

The Pope stressed the interconnectedness and interdependence of humanity, emphasizing that “no one is saved alone.” He urged the monks to continue working with various stakeholders to promote peace, fraternity, and inclusivity.

The Colloquium also emphasized the importance of educating young people in caring for each other and the environment, as well as the power of prayer and meditation in fostering loving-kindness and respect.

Pope Francis commended the monks for their participation in a prayer event at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere and encouraged them to continue fostering dialogue and cooperation, especially with the Catholic Church in Thailand.

Overall, the Pope’s message underscored the importance of collaboration and friendship between different religions for the well-being of humanity and the planet.

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