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Reunion of 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Veterans in New Ulm

The 71st reunion of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment was a heartwarming and nostalgic event held in New Ulm last Monday. Five remaining members of the regiment, Allan DeWolf, James Hill, Carl Vogt, Arden Hanson, and Ken Boraas, reunited at George’s Fine Steak & Spirits for a special dinner to commemorate their service together in the army. The tradition of these reunions began back when they were all still in the service, with the first gathering taking place in 1956 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Since then, the group has met semi-annually to catch up, reminisce, and share stories about their time in the service.

Despite coming from different communities, these men formed a strong bond during basic training in Carson, Colorado, back in 1953. While they never deployed due to a ceasefire in Korea, their dedication to each other and their positive attitude kept them connected throughout the years. The reunion in New Ulm, a central location for all the vets, allowed them to not only reconnect but also revisit places from their youth and create new memories together.

As they shared laughs, swapped stories, and remembered their fallen comrades, the camaraderie among these veterans was evident. For them, these reunions are a reminder of the sacrifices they made and the lifelong friendships they forged during their time in the service. Looking ahead, they remain hopeful and optimistic about future reunions, knowing that the bond they share will continue to strengthen with each passing year.

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