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Tech Giants in Europe deploy AI charm offensive as authorities move closer – NBC New York

Tech Giants Emphasize Positive Impact of AI at Viva Tech Conference in Paris

U.S. Tech Giants Emphasize Positive Impacts of AI at Viva Tech Conference in Paris

PARIS, France — U.S. technology giants made headlines this week at the Viva Tech conference in Paris, emphasizing the positive impacts of artificial intelligence on humanity. Amazon Chief Technology Officer, Werner Vogels, and Google Senior Vice President for Technology and Society, James Manyika, took the stage to discuss the immense potential AI holds for economies and communities worldwide.

Their comments followed the approval of the EU’s groundbreaking AI Act, a milestone piece of legislation aimed at regulating the use of artificial intelligence to prevent potential harms and abuses. The Act, which applies a risk-based approach to AI applications, sets comprehensive rules governing the technology to ensure responsible innovation and protect the interests of populations.

Vogels highlighted the transformative power of AI in addressing some of the world’s most challenging issues. He emphasized the importance of using technology responsibly to tackle pressing global problems while promoting economic success across industries. Manyika echoed these sentiments, underscoring the significant benefits AI offers in sectors like health and biotechnology.

Google’s recent advancements in AI, including the release of innovative models tailored for medical applications, demonstrate the tech giant’s commitment to driving positive change through technology. Manyika also stressed the importance of open-sourcing AI tools to foster collaboration and enhance societal impact.

In light of increasing scrutiny on Big Tech companies, Vogels and Manyika’s remarks aimed to showcase the proactive efforts of industry leaders in aligning with regulatory standards and promoting ethical AI practices. The push for responsible innovation and strategic partnerships with regulators reflects a broader industry trend towards ensuring technology’s benefits outweigh potential risks.

As global discussions around AI governance and innovation continue to evolve, the collective efforts of tech giants, policymakers, and industry stakeholders shape the future of AI development and its impact on society. The Viva Tech conference served as a platform for engaging dialogue on the role of AI in driving positive change and upholding ethical standards in technology innovation.

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