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Severe storms prompt tornado warning in parts of Oklahoma while intense heat affects South Texas | DC News Now

Severe Storms Continue in Oklahoma; Tornado Warning Issued

Severe Storms and Record Heat Grip Southern States

As severe storms continued to wreak havoc in parts of Oklahoma, forecasters issued tornado warnings and residents were urged to take cover. The National Weather Service’s office in Norman, Oklahoma, issued a tornado warning for northern Noble and southern Kay counties, prompting residents to seek shelter immediately. The storm eventually passed through the area, but the threat remained as storms in north Texas were expected to impact south central Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, South Texas was experiencing record-breaking heat, with temperatures soaring into the triple digits and heat indexes nearing 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperatures were attributed to a heat dome stretching from Mexico to South America, causing concern for excessive heat in the region.

In addition to the severe weather and heat, Red Flag fire warnings were in effect in West Texas, New Mexico, and parts of Oklahoma, Arizona, and Colorado due to low humidity and strong winds. The combination of dry air, warm temperatures, and high winds created a significant fire danger in these areas.

As the Memorial Day weekend continued, the storm system responsible for the severe weather was expected to move east, bringing rain that could impact the Indianapolis 500 auto race in Indiana and trigger more severe storms in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky. The risk of severe weather was forecasted to extend into North Carolina and Virginia on Monday.

Overall, the combination of severe storms, record heat, and high fire danger created a challenging weather situation for residents in the southern states. Stay informed and be prepared for changing weather conditions as the holiday weekend progresses.

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