Monday, June 17, 2024

Report finds that US-provided HIMARS is no match for advanced Russian jamming technology

Russian Jamming Renders US-Supplied HIMARS Rocket Launchers “Completely Ineffective”: Ukrainian Assessment

Russian jamming has rendered US-supplied HIMARS rocket launchers “completely ineffective,” according to a confidential Ukrainian weapons assessment seen by The Washington Post. This jamming has also impacted Elon Musk’s Starlink, causing communication issues for Ukraine.

The assessment revealed that Ukraine had to reduce its use of many US-supplied arms due to targeting problems caused by Russian electronic jamming systems. Weapons such as the Excalibur GPS-guided artillery shells and the HIMARS system, which can fire rockets up to 50 miles, have been affected.

Russian jamming has caused the HIMARS system to be much less effective on the battlefield, with missiles missing targets by 50 feet or more. In addition, US-supplied glide bombs have been continually missing targets as a result of this jamming.

The Russian jamming system is relatively inexpensive but can take out munitions worth tens of thousands of dollars. It operates from the ground, preventing weapons from communicating with satellites that guide missiles towards their targets.

Despite efforts to counter Russian jamming, a senior US official expressed concerns about falling behind in electronic warfare capabilities. Retired US Army lieutenant general Mike Nagata emphasized the need for the US to get more creative to regain dominance in electronic warfare.

Furthermore, Russia’s jamming technology has disrupted Elon Musk’s Starlink service in Ukraine. This has created serious communication issues for Ukraine’s frontline troops, impacting their ability to coordinate attacks effectively.

Overall, the impact of Russian jamming on US-supplied arms and communication systems in Ukraine highlights the ongoing challenges in electronic warfare and the need for innovative solutions to counter these tactics.

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