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Pioneer Energy Granted $10M by U.S. Department of Energy to Bring Zero-Emission Oil Production Technology to Market

Pioneer Energy Awarded $10 Million Grant from U.S. Department of Energy for Emission Control Technology

Pioneer Energy Receives $10 Million Grant from U.S. Department of Energy to Advance Emission Control Technology

LAKEWOOD, Colo., May 28, 2024– Pioneer Energy, a leader in decarbonizing the oil and gas industry, has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy for a $10 million grant to advance their Emission Control Treater™ (ECT) technology. This innovative system eliminates routine flaring and significantly reduces methane and conventional emissions from oil and gas production sites.

The grant, awarded by the DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM), will allow Pioneer Energy to scale up the ECT from pilot to commercial scale and conduct a six-month field trial with one or more oil producers. The company has partnered with the Colorado School of Mines to independently measure and validate emissions reductions, comparing the results to current technologies.

In addition, Pioneer Energy is collaborating with The Autism Community in Action (TACA) and Easterseals of Colorado to support the hiring of a diverse workforce of skilled technicians and tradespeople as part of the Community Benefits Plan under the grant, in alignment with the Justice40 Initiative.

Pioneer Energy’s CEO, Eyal Aronoff, expressed excitement about the DOE’s support, stating, “We believe that our Emission Control Treater (ECT) can have a significant impact on reducing oil field emissions and flaring. We are committed to working with the DOE and our partners to deploy this technology and further the decarbonization of oil production.”

Pioneer Energy is known for its range of technologies aimed at reducing emissions and operational expenses in the oil and gas industry. Their product lines include the Emission Control Treater™, Pegasus field gas conditioning systems, and flare gas capture and processing equipment.

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