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Peters discusses housing and farming in US House campaign

AJ Peters Campaigns in Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District, Addresses Housing, Farming, and Senior Support

Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) candidate AJ Peters is focusing on housing, farming, and support for senior citizens in his campaign for Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District. Peters recently met with voters in southwest Minnesota to discuss his priorities if elected to Congress this fall.

Peters, a Browerville resident, highlighted the importance of addressing the shortage of housing and senior housing in western Minnesota. He emphasized the need for federal support to ensure affordable housing options and tackle inflation in key areas like food, gas, and rent.

In addition to housing issues, Peters also expressed a commitment to working with farmers to secure the future of agriculture in the region. He acknowledged the challenges faced by young farmers and proposed ideas such as making equipment more affordable and providing training programs to help them enter the industry.

Peters is running against two Republican opponents in CD7, including U.S. Rep. Michelle Fischbach. While Peters acknowledged Fischbach’s record, he expressed uncertainty about his other opponent, Steve Boyd, stating that he needs more information before running against him specifically.

As he continues to campaign, Peters hopes to engage with voters on both sides of the aisle to find common ground on issues like the environment. He stressed the importance of collaboration and working with moderates to solve problems facing the district.

Peters’ inclusive approach and focus on key issues like housing and farming make him a candidate to watch in the upcoming election. Stay tuned for more updates on his campaign and the race for Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District.

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