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Peters discusses housing and farming during U.S. House campaign | Latest News, Sports, and Employment opportunities

AJ Peters, DFL candidate, discusses key issues in CD7 campaign

AJ Peters, the DFL candidate running in Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District, is making waves with his campaign promises to address housing, farming, and support for senior citizens if elected. Peters recently held meet-and-greet events in Madison and Marshall, engaging with voters in southwest Minnesota.

With two Republican opponents in CD7, including U.S. Rep. Michelle Fischbach and challenger Steve Boyd, Peters emphasized his focus on key issues rather than attacking his opponents directly. He highlighted his stance on the separation of church and state, contrasting his beliefs with Boyd’s emphasis on Christianity.

During his campaign, Peters has heard concerns about housing shortages and the need for more senior housing in western Minnesota. He outlined his plans to support builders and make housing more affordable for residents. Additionally, Peters discussed the importance of addressing inflation and improving the supply chain to reduce costs for essential goods like food, gas, and rent.

Peters also stressed the importance of collaboration and working with both sides of the aisle to find solutions to pressing issues. He expressed his commitment to working with farmers to ensure the future of agriculture in Minnesota, noting the challenges young farmers face in entering the industry.

As Peters continues to engage with voters and share his vision for the district, his campaign focuses on addressing critical issues facing the community and fostering cooperation to drive meaningful change. Voters in CD7 will have the opportunity to make their voices heard in the upcoming election, shaping the future of representation in the district.

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