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Pentagon forced to adjust as Russian jamming of U.S. weapons in Ukraine poses significant challenge

U.S.-Made Satellite-Guided Ammunitions Fail in Ukraine Due to Russian Jamming Technology

**Russian Jamming Technology Makes U.S.-Made Weapons Ineffective in Ukraine**

KYIV — Ukrainian military officials have revealed that U.S.-made satellite-guided ammunitions in Ukraine are failing to withstand Russian jamming technology, leading Kyiv to cease using certain Western-provided armaments due to plummeting effectiveness rates. The revelations, based on confidential Ukrainian assessments obtained by The Washington Post, highlight the grave implications of Russia’s electronic warfare capabilities on Ukraine’s defense.

According to the reports, modern Western weapons like Excalibur GPS-guided artillery shells and the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) have been rendered ineffective by Russian jamming, severely impacting Ukraine’s ability to defend its territory. This has forced Kyiv to urgently seek upgrades from arms manufacturers to address the issue.

The assessments found that the success rate of U.S.-designed Excalibur shells dropped significantly, with less than 10 percent hitting their targets before Ukraine abandoned them last year. The documents shed light on the extent to which Russian jamming has thwarted Western weaponry, with other U.S.-made munitions also facing decline in effectiveness over time.

While the Pentagon has been working with Ukraine to hone tactics and techniques to combat Russian electronic warfare, the challenge remains significant. Despite occasional solutions provided by the U.S. and weapons manufacturers, the bureaucratic process has complicated the path towards urgently needed adjustments to improve the failing weaponry.

The involvement of defense companies is seen as crucial in overcoming Russian jamming, with the need for continuous innovation and adaptation in the face of evolving electronic warfare tactics. Ukrainian efforts to counter Russian jamming have included targeting known electronic warfare systems with drones before utilizing certain weapons, proving effective in some cases.

As the arms race continues, Ukrainian military officials anticipate that weapons effective on the battlefield now will likely face similar challenges within a year. The relentless adaptation and innovation by adversaries like Russia emphasize the critical need for Western support and technological advancements to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

Overall, the impact of Russian jamming technology on U.S.-made weapons in Ukraine underscores the urgency of addressing electronic warfare vulnerabilities and ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of military equipment in modern conflicts.

*Ivan Horton, Reporting from Washington.*

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