Monday, June 24, 2024

Olympic figure skating coach banned for life after abuse allegations investigation

Fox News: U.S. Olympic Pairs Figure Skating Coach Banned for Misconduct

The U.S. Center for SafeSport has issued a lifetime ban for U.S. Olympic pairs figure skating coach Dalilah Sappenfield, citing physical and emotional misconduct. The ban, announced on the organization’s central disciplinary database, includes allegations of abuse, retaliation, policy violations, and failure to report.

SafeSport CEO Ju’Riese Col√≥n stated, “Culture change is happening. Actions that were once tolerated or ignored are no longer accepted, and accountability is taking root.” The ban comes after more than two years of investigation into Sappenfield’s behavior, during which she was temporarily barred from contact with skaters following allegations of verbal abuse.

One of the affected skaters, Tarah Kayne, detailed the abuse allegations, revealing that it led her to self-harm with a razor blade in 2019. Another incident involving a 16-year-old female Russian pairs skater staying at Sappenfield’s home was also reported to SafeSport.

U.S. Figure Skating has adopted the sanction imposed by the Center, making Sappenfield ineligible effective May 29, 2024. Sappenfield has not yet commented on the ban. This case underscores the importance of creating safe environments for athletes to thrive and the consequences for those engaging in toxic tactics.

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