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North Korea’s Attempt to Launch Reconnaissance Satellite Ends in Failure

North Korea’s Failed Satellite Launch Raises Concerns and Condemnation

North Korea’s Failed Satellite Launch Sparks International Outcry

On Tuesday, North Korea’s state media reported the country’s unsuccessful attempt to launch a military reconnaissance satellite. The media quoted national aerospace authorities, who confirmed that the launch had ended in failure due to the explosion of the first stage of the new rocket midair. The cause of the accident was attributed to the operational reliability of a newly developed engine.

Following the failed launch, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi Yoshimasa expressed strong condemnation, stating that North Korea had used ballistic missile technology under the guise of launching a satellite. The object reportedly burned up over the Yellow Sea, failing to reach space. Hayashi emphasized that such actions by North Korea threaten regional and international peace and violate Security Council resolutions, prompting Japan to lodge a protest and condemn the action.

In response to the launch, the Japanese government issued an alert for residents in Okinawa to take shelter, but later lifted the warning when it was determined that the projectile was not headed towards Japan. Footage captured near the Chinese border with North Korea showed a bright orange dot in the sky, followed by flames and a subsequent increase in brightness. Government officials reported that the projectile vanished from radar immediately after the launch, suggesting a possible fire in the rocket’s liquid fuel.

South Korea’s military also detected debris in the sea off North Korea following the failed launch, but no damage or casualties have been reported in neighboring prefectures. The incident has sparked concerns among international leaders, with Japan vowing to collaborate with the United States, South Korea, and other countries to monitor the situation and protect the safety of their citizens. As tensions escalate in the region, the failed satellite launch serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by North Korea’s missile capabilities.

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