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Nicki Minaj claims police interference led to cancellation of Manchester performance, announces rescheduled show date | Mirror Online

Nicki Minaj Breaks Silence After Arrest – Accuses Police of Intentionally Sabotaging Performance in Manchester

Nicki Minaj Breaks Silence After Amsterdam Arrest: Claims Police Intentionally Prevented Concert Performance

Nicki Minaj has finally spoken out after being detained by police in Amsterdam, alleging that it was a deliberate attempt to prevent her from performing at a scheduled show in Manchester. The superstar rapper took to X, formerly Twitter, to thank her fans, known as Barbz, for their support during the incident.

In her statement, Nicki expressed her frustration, stating that she believes the police intentionally stopped her from making it to her show. She even went as far as to mention that she has extensive video evidence of similar occurrences, saying, “I have sooooooooo much video evidence. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.”

Despite the setback, Nicki remained defiant, stating, “They sure did know exactly how to hurt me today but this too, shall pass.” She also revealed that she was held for 5-6 hours before finally being allowed to board a plane, which was delayed by 20 minutes, ensuring she missed her performance.

Nicki apologized to her fans for missing the gig and promised to reschedule the concert either in June or July, with more details expected to be announced soon. She even teased a bonus surprise for her dedicated followers.

Furthermore, the rapper shared her hotel particulars, showing her eagerness to interact with fans from her balcony or potentially even meet them downstairs. However, she asked fans to be mindful of the neighbors and keep the noise down as it was late at night.

While Nicki’s show in Manchester is still set to go ahead, she assured fans of another performance this Sunday. Despite the ordeal, Nicki Minaj’s resilience and gratitude towards her fans shine through as she navigates the challenges thrown her way.

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