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Neena Gupta Talks About Playing Manju Devi in ‘Panchayat’ and the Appeal of the Character to Women Everywhere

Neena Gupta Talks About Her Role in ‘Panchayat’ and Women Empowerment

Neena Gupta’s Role in ‘Panchayat’ Strikes a Chord with Viewers

In the hit series “Panchayat,” veteran actor Neena Gupta portrays the character of Manju Devi, the village head of Phulera village in Uttar Pradesh. The show has garnered a loyal fan base, with Gupta’s role as the effervescent Manju Devi resonating with many viewers.

Gupta attributes the success of her character to the fact that there are many women like Manju Devi in different parts of the country. She describes Manju Devi as a woman content with her household responsibilities, with no ambition beyond her domestic duties. The dynamic between Manju Devi and her husband in the show reflects the reality of many women in rural and urban settings.

The actor noted the importance of depicting realistic and relatable female characters on screen. She expressed her frustration with the portrayal of progressive women in Indian media, stating that bold and empowered characters often end up being perceived as negative or villainous. Gupta emphasized the need for more nuanced and diverse representations of women in the entertainment industry.

“Panchayat,” a comedy-drama series, centers around the daily struggles and challenges faced by the residents of a fictional village in Uttar Pradesh. The show has received positive reviews since its premiere in April 2020, with the second season released in May 2022.

Despite playing the role of Manju Devi for two seasons, Gupta admitted that it took time for her to fully embody the character. She credited the support of her cast mates and the production team for helping her navigate the complexities of the character.

As season three of “Panchayat” delves into politics, Gupta shared her hopes for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, emphasizing the importance of addressing the issue of unemployment. She stressed the need for meaningful and impactful governance to tackle the challenges faced by the country.

Directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra and created by The Viral Fever (TVF), “Panchayat 3” offers a blend of humor, drama, and social commentary. The series continues to captivate audiences with its engaging storyline and compelling performances.

Gupta’s portrayal of Manju Devi serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience of women in India, both in reel life and real life. With her nuanced and heartfelt performance, Gupta has truly brought the character of Manju Devi to life, resonating with viewers across the country.

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